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A bill of materials (BOM) is a comprehensive inventory of the raw materials, parts and components, as well as the quantities of each, needed to manufacture a product. It is the complete list of all the items that are required to build a product.

For example, a blinds manufacturer that wants to build 100 roller blinds. A bill of materials for roller blinds will include all the raw materials that make up the roller blind such as fabrics, headrail, tube, cassette, chain, bottom bar, motors, controls, etc, including the quantities required of each component and their cost.

It helps the companies to plan purchases of raw materials, Estimate material costs, Gain inventory control, Track and plan material requirements, Maintain accurate records, Ensure supply robustness and reduce waste.

This enables you to check and maintain correct levels of stock in the warehouse as well as place order to suppliers for fabrics and components.

This streamlines the production in an effective and efficient way as well as improves the communication channel between the factory and the office therefore giving you full visibility of the status of each product.

This is an excellent platform for your trade customers to place orders with you online. It improves accuracy and saves time as no need to re-enter the order.

BlindMatrix allows you to give special discounts for your trade customers based on their performance.

BlindMatrix has a great tool called work in progress for the products in production. This helps you to plan, organize, schedule and track the whole production.

Lots of different reports are available for you to measure your business performance through Sales, Marketing and Production.