One of our customers based in Birmingham has eight employees. After seeing our demo, they thought the system was fantastic. But they were worried that it wasn’t the right time of the year to go ahead with BlindMatrix as they were so busy.

They desperately wanted BlindMatrix to make their business more efficient, but they were concerned that it would take too long to start something new.

After seeing our demo, they thought the system was fantastic

We created a structured plan, with the customer dedicating only one person to work in the background with us for one hour a week for three weeks. That way, we could understand their business better.

Because we’ve worked with so many blinds companies, we could quickly understand their business. We helped design their reports such as quotations, invoices, purchase orders and worksheets specifically for their business.

We then trained the staff on BlindMatrix three times for 1.5 hours each over three weeks. By then, they could use the system fully. One year on, they reported that sales have increased by 30%.