One of our customers in Leicester has four employees. They saw the demo and loved it, but felt their business was too small to use BlindMatrix.

The business was manually processing orders, quotes, invoices and their diary. Their measurers would take out carbon paper when they went out on a sales call.

Paperwork and duplication were killing their business. If they needed to produce a purchase order, they’d write it out and then fax it across to their supplier. The same applied to quotes and invoices.

BlindMatrix has reduced my admin time by 50%

When a customer called to chase an order, they’d manually go through all their files. This took time and meant calling the customer back when they found their file.

They’d heard good things about BlindMatrix and decided to give it a go. They found that they could input the customer order just once. This centralized all their customer information so they could produce quotes, purchase orders and invoices instantly.

The firm could also analyze their business and see how well it’s doing compared to previous months – just by clicking a button.

The customer said, “BlindMatrix has reduced my admin time by 50% and it’s made my business look more professional and efficient, enabling us to spend time on more important things such as sales.”